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  • 1 National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies Dr. K. S. Krishhnan Marg 110012 New Delhi India Dr. K. S. Krishhnan Marg 110012 New Delhi India
  • | 2 Karnatak University Department of Library & Information Science 58003 Dharwad India 58003 Dharwad India
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Focuses on the validity of Lotka's law and the negative binomial distribution model to author productivity data in different time periods in theoretical population genetics speciality. Finds out if there is any relation between applicability of a statistical distribution and the development of speciality. Looks at the linkages between inequality/concentration measures and the development of speciality. Explores the relevance and applicability of the two generalisations, namely Price Square, Root Law and 80/20 Rule to the author productivity data and their relation with development of theoretical population genetics. Finally, a study of the growth of practitioners in the field with different productivity levels is conducted, and the emergence of core authors in the speciality is explored.