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  • 1 CSIC Centro de Información y Documentación Científica (CINDOC) Joaquín Costa 22 28002 Madrid Spain Joaquín Costa 22 28002 Madrid Spain
  • | 2 CSIC/UIB Institut d'Estudis Avançats de les Illes Balears Palma de Mallorca Spain Palma de Mallorca Spain
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Collaboration practices and partners vary greatly per scientific area and discipline and influence the scientific performance. Bibliometric indicators are used to analyse international, domestic and local collaboration in publications of Spanish authors in three Biomedical subfields: Neurosciences, Gastroenterology and Cardiovascular System as covered by theSCI database. Team size, visibility and basic-applied level of research were analysed according to collaboration scope. International collaboration was linked to higher visibility documents. Cluster analysis of the most productive authors and centres provides a description, of collaboration habits and actors in the three subfields. A positive correlation was found between productivity and international and domestic collaboration at the author level.