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  • 1 Kangnung National University Division of Industrial and Systems Engineering 120, Gangnung Daehangno Gangnung City 210-702 Korea 120, Gangnung Daehangno Gangnung City 210-702 Korea
  • | 2 Seoul National University Department of Industrial Engineering Seoul (Korea) Seoul (Korea)
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The notion of knowledge-based economy premises that technological knowledge be created, accumulated and disseminated through the interactive learning among principal actors in the national system. This paper analyzes, from a dynamic perspective, the structure of inter-industrial technological knowledge. Both human-driven disembodied channel and capital-driven embodied channel are investigated based on network analysis. The set of empirical data covers the Korean manufacturing sector during the 1980s. Overall, density of network tends to be increasing over time, implying that knowledge network becomes expanded and intensified. A number of distinctive features are identified between knowledge types and industrial categories. The findings in turn render important policy implications that should be addressed when developing technology policy. Clearly, the policy framework needs to be industry-specific and country-specific in accordance with the development stage and industrial structure of reference time.