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  • 1 University of Oregon Institute of Theoretical Science 97403 Eugene Oregon USA 97403 Eugene Oregon USA
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A United Nations sponsored project is described to formulate a practicable method for assessing the impact of science and technology in the developing countries and to propose further research to improve the development of such indicators. After a discussion of the importance of the project, the aims of science and technology are summarized, followed by the elements that need to be considered in such an assessment procedure, and the structure of the relationships among these elements. The first step in the assessment process is to make a map of the part of the system to be assessed. The types of indicators that can be used are then listed, and it is suggested that the status of these indicators is weak, especially with respect to their applicability to developing countries. It is proposed that a small number of specific pilot projects be undertaken to test the general ideas contained in the discussion and to experiment with novel kinds of indicators.