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  • 1 Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Institute of Cybernetics 40 let Oktjabrja Ave. 252207 Kiev (USSR) 40 let Oktjabrja Ave. 252207 Kiev (USSR)
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The UNESCO International Comparative Study on the Organization and Performance of Research Unists (ICSOPRU) has entered the period of drawing the theoretical and methodological conclusions from and starting the practical application of its results.Based on the experience of the 3 rounds of ICSOPRU, the national team of the Ukrainian SSR has attempted to broaden the scope and methodology of this international project. The main features of our studies are as follows.1.  The comparative analysis is performed among research units working or intending to work on common research topics. 2.  The complex characteristics determining the level of competence of the research units in achieving their research aims is evaluated by criteria specific to the given problems. 3.  In order to gain the above mentioned results, certain additional material had been included into The National Addendum and the national part of External Evaluations Questionnaire. Some additional software had also been developed.1–3 This paper concentrates on some methodological aspects of this approach and refers also to some problems of more intensive use of science and technology.