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  • 1 Dalian University of Technology WISE LAB Dalian P. R. China
  • | 2 Dalian University of Technology Institute of Science Studies and Management of Science and Technology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dalian 116023 P. R. China
  • | 3 COLLNET-Center Hohen Neuendorf Germany
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The structure of scientific collaboration networks in scientometrics is investigated at the level of individuals by using bibliographic data of all papers published in the international journal Scientometrics retrieved from the Science Citation Index (SCI) of the years 1978–2004. Combined analysis of social network analysis (SNA), co-occurrence analysis, cluster analysis and frequency analysis of words is explored to reveal: (1) The microstructure of the collaboration network on scientists’ aspects of scientometrics; (2) The major collaborative fields of the whole network and of different collaborative sub-networks; (3) The collaborative center of the collaboration network in scientometrics.