Author: Richard Tol
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  • 1 Economic and Social Research Institute Dublin Ireland
  • | 2 Vrije Universiteit Institute for Environmental Studies Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • | 3 Vrije Universiteit Department of Spatial Economics Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • | 4 Carnegie Mellon University Department of Engineering and Public Policy Pittsburgh PA USA
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The h-index is a recent but already quite popular way of measuring research quality and quantity. However, it discounts highly-cited papers. The g-index corrects for this, but it is sensitivity to the number of never-cited papers. Besides, h- or g-index-based rankings have a large number of ties. Therefore, this paper introduces two new indices, and tests their performance for the 100 most prolific economists. A researcher has a t-number (f-number) of t (f) if t (f) is the largest number for which it holds that she has t (f) publications for which the geometric (harmonic) average number of citations is at least t (f). The new indices overcome the shortcomings of the old indices.