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  • 1 Jeonju University Department of Library and Information Science Hyoja-dong 3Ga 1200, Wansan-Gu Jeonju 560-759 South Korea
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This article reports findings from a study of the relationship between citation measures (impact factor and its quartile) among international composition of editorial board and foreign authorship in 17 Korean SCI journals for the three 5-year periods, 1995, 2000, and 2005. With few exceptions, the relationship between international editorial board composition and foreign authorship and citation measures was non-existent, at p > 0.05. However, the international members on editorial boards and foreign authorship of papers in Korean journals have increased greatly over the three 5-year periods, and there has been to a certain degree growth in the visibility and performance of Korean SCI journals in terms of impact factors, but not their quartiles.