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  • 1 Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación e I. A., CITIC-UGR, Universidad de Granada, 18071, Granada, Spain
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Here we show a comparison of top economics departments in the US and EU based on a summary measure of the multidimensional prestige of influential papers in 2010. The multidimensional prestige takes into account that several indicators should be used for a distinct analysis of structural changes at the score distribution of paper prestige. We argue that the prestige of influential articles should not only consider one indicator as a single dimension, but in addition take into account further dimensions, since several different indicators have been developed to evaluate the impact of academic papers. After having identified the multidimensionally influential articles from an economics department, their prestige scores can be aggregated to produce a summary measure of the multidimensional prestige of research output of this department, which satisfies numerous properties.

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