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  • 1 Művészettörténeti Kutató Intézet, Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1250 Budapest 1, Pf. 27
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The erection of the first retable of remarkable dimension in the Leutschau Parish Church can be dated on the basis of the coats of arms of King Matthias Corvinus and of his wife, Beatrix, sculpted on its predella. As Matthias visited the city in 1474, the donation can be attributed to him, while the armory of Beatrice proves that the execution was not earlier than their marriage in 1476. An analogue to the use of royal coats of arms is given by the retable of Our Lady of the Snow in the same church, which is traditionally considered as a commemoration of the Leutschau meeting of the Dukes of the Jagiellonian Dynasty in 1494.