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  • 1 Intermedia Department, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, H-1063, Budapest, Kmety György utca 27.
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Most works of art stand before us uncoded and easily accessible to our senses and emotions. It is a peculiarty of media art that one needs an apparatus and sometimes even a code system in order for it to be accessible. By apparatus we refer – using Vilém Flusser's concept – to the tools and the knowledge concerning their use, by code we should understand special individual systems of notation. The preconditions of presenting and preserving a work of nw media art are firstly the apparatus and secondly the knowledge and functional presence of the code system. There are points of intersection between the different apparatuses: a reproduction is more often close to identical with the original than before the emergence of technical mediums. The disappearing elements of one apparatus can be replaced by a new apparatus. What are the new artistic possibilities for works made for the internet? How can, the product of the communication change in the 1990s, survive the attacks of constant upgrades?