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Hélio Oiticica was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1937, and belonged to the radical art avant-garde in Brazil. In 1957 he produced his first work, Metaesquema, after which he was part of the neo-concrete group that broke rank with the concrete group. In 1964 he produced his work Parangolé, a cape used by the members of the Mangeira samba school, and a work that had expressive social and political connotations. Oiticica wanted spectators to become involved in the Parangolé, i.e. to wear it and to see others wearing it. In the same year Oiticica created his work Tropicalia, an installation that includes a poem, sand, a parrot, a labyrinth and a TV. Two other spatial reliefs, Bilaterais and Bólides, involve visual contact, colour and emotions. Oiticica created the work Cosmococa as quasi-cinema, i.e. a mixture of film and installation. He died in Rio de Janeiro in 1980.

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