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Dr. László Végh (born in 1931), composer and radiologist played a decisively influential role in forming of the underground art scene of the Sixties. He presented (from 1958) the first local examples of concrete and electronic music compositions for the living representatives of Hungarian modernism and for the new generation of the neo-avant-garde in the quasidemocratic communities of private spaces. Due to this mediating cultural activity, his non-conformist personality and appearance, impressive network across the generations, Dr. Végh offered a new model of alternative living and the continuity of modernism behind the iron curtain. His soirées and proto-actions — for which I would introduce the term ‘intuitive actions’ – were performed with young artists of the subculture, and led to deconstruction of traditional art forms through pieces of avant-garde and experimental music, while opened up the way for happening and fluxus.

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