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The round statue of enthroned Tyche was originally displayed in the middle of the front row of seats in the west theatre of Umm Qais. The statue of high quality is made of ivory coloured marble, while the theatre is constructed of black basalt stone. This contrast of colour and material made the statue stand out and intensified the beauty of the theatre. The statue has been moved by the Department of Antiquities of Jordan and displayed at Umm Qais Archaeological Museum, registered as number 13c. The Gadara Tyche appeared with one of the main symbols of the goddess, the cornucopia.

Highly realistic and geometric models of cultural heritage objects are attractive tools for documentation, preservation and promotion purposes. 3D imaging, using dense stereo matching techniques, is used for accurate and realistic modeling of the Tyche statue and the theatre of Umm Qais. Acquiring 3D surfaces with image matching solutions has many advantages related to the flexibility, cost effectiveness of, and need for short data collection time on the site without disturbance to the site’s visitors.

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