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Kunstkammer in Word and Image. The ‘Kunststube’ of Johann Septimius Jörger (1594–1676) in Nuremberg. The Kunstkammer of Johann Septimius Jörger in Nuremberg, created in the middle of the 1630s and dispersed only after 1676, is not among the well-known collections of the 17th century. It is not mentioned in the correspondence of famous art collectors, nor is it recorded in the travelogues of the time. Only sporadic information is available about the works of art that had been kept in the Kunstkammer. We regard the owner as an art collector because of a watercolour in the collection of prints and drawings of the University Library of Erlangen, in which the Nuremberg painter Michael Herr (1591–1661) depicted the interior of Jörger’s Kunstkammer. The present contribution aims to enrich our knowledge of this collection based on two new sources, namely a visual representation (cabinet painting) and an inventory of the Kunstkammer drawn up in 1667.