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  • 1 Department of Organic Chemistry, Institute of Environmental Engineering, University of Pannonia, P. O. Box 158, H-8201, Veszprém, Hungary
  • 2 Department of General and Analytical Chemistry, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Szent Gellért tér 4, H-1111, Budapest, Hungary
  • 3 ThalesNano Nanotechnology Inc., Záhony u. 7., Graphisoft Park, 1031, Budapest, Hungary
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Highly active immobilized hydrogenation catalytic systems were used in the H-Cube™ hydrogenation reactor. “In situ” produced [Rh(COD)((S)-MonoPhos)2]BF4 complex was immobilized on commercially available Al2O3 and mesoporous Al2O3 by means of phosphotungstic acid (PTA), respectively. The optimum reaction conditions were determined and studied at different temperature, pressure, and flow rate values. Furthermore, the effect of the substrate concentration, microstructure of the support, and the stability of the complex were investigated. A continuous-flow reaction system using a stationary-phase catalyst for the asymmetric hydrogenation of methyl acetamidoacrylate was developed and run continuously for 12 h with >99% conversion and 96–97% enantioselectivity.

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