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  • 1 Gedeon Richter Plc., Gyömrői út 19–21, Budapest H-1103, Hungary
  • 2 Eötvös University, Pázmány Péter stny. 1/a, Budapest H-1117, Hungary
  • 3 Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Műegyetem rkp. 1-3, Budapest H-1111, Hungary
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In medicinal chemistry, the development of synthetic procedures for the access of new heterocyclic systems as potential scaffolds is elementary. Herein, we report our results on the formation of small drug-like heterocycles, utilizing flow chemistry. This approach enables the extension of the reaction parameter window, including high-pressure/high-temperature or hazardous chemistry. In our work, various novel condensed tricyclic benzothiazoles fused with furo- and thieno-rings were synthesized applying a multistep continuous-flow protocol. The process includes two ring closure steps and a nitro group reduction step. Batch and telescoped continuous-flow syntheses were also designed and performed.

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