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  • 1 ThalesNano Inc.,, Záhony utca 7, DB building, 1031 Budapest, Hungary
  • 2 Innostudio Inc.,, Záhony utca 7, DB building, 1031 Budapest, Hungary
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A novel method for C–H functionalization of heteroaromatic rings by using continuous-flow reactors is reported. Direct alkylation reactions were investigated under heterogeneous catalytic conditions using simple transition metal catalysts at elevated temperature and pressure. As a model reaction, the alkylation of indole was attempted using cheap Raney® Nickel catalyst. Alcohols served both as alkylating agent and as reaction media. The targeted 3-alkyl-indoles were obtained in moderate to good yield with reasonable selectivity. Transient protection on the N-atom increased the selectivity up to 80%. The scope and limitations were also investigated. In summary, direct alkylation with alcohols represents a rapid (residence time of <1 min) and traceless process with high atom economy (88–92%, in those cases where transient protection was not applied).

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