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The domination of the news media by the political sphere in Hungary is continuously debated in public and scientific discourses. The issue of migration has resurfaced on the Hungarian political and media agenda following the refugee crisis of 2015. The first part of the paper offers a theoretical overview of frame analysis. Framing refers to making an aspect of an issue salient, thus suggesting a certain interpretation and evaluation of the issue. In the second part, the methodology of frame analysis is used to explore representations of refugees and migrants in two parliamentary speeches of the Hungarian Prime Minister and three online media outlets of different political orientations (Híradó, Index, Origo) in September and November 2015. The results show that the PM framed the issue as a symbolic threat and political conflict, while the media emphasized realistic threats, the politically divided and humanitarian aspect of migration. The article highlights some of the instances where the media does not follow the political discourse.

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