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In the Danube Valley, a chain of saline lakes and a salinized area are situated in the discharge zone of two different waters. The two watertype were followed till the near surface by regional chemical and hydraulic investigations (Mádlné Szőnyi and Tóth 2009). The goals of this study were to prove the presence of these different waters in the near surface zone around the Lake Kelemenszék, and allocate their connection to the lake and to the salinized ground surface. Near-surface geophysical measurements (VES, RMT) supported the regional hydraulic and chemical results. The sediments are saturated by saline water down to 110 m beneath the lake, and to the east the fresh water is prevalent. The local chemical investigations strengthened this distribution. Highly saline water with Na-HCO3-Cl-type discharges into and around the lake. To the east there is a continuous change towards a (Ca,Mg)-(HCO3)2-type fresh water discharge. The interface between the two water types is a 2–3 km wide transition zone. The results of the investigations proved that the saline water of the deep flow system rises to the surface and provide salt for the salinization of the area.

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