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  • 1 University of Pécs,, Rókus u. 2, H-7624 Pécs, Hungary
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This paper presents the planning issues of a contemporary sport center through the award-winning plan of the A+ Építész Stúdió on the architectural competition for the Sport Center of the National University of Public Service. The complex urban situation, the architectural shaping of the new, large-scale sport complex between the historical Orczy Garden and the urban texture of the Józsefváros was a serious challenge. To the success of the competition plan a special approach was needed, which was synthesizing the respect of the heritage and values of the past, the contemporary designing principles and the progressive, sustainable architectural attitude of the future. Although the plan will not be realized, the applied architectural solutions can be instructive in the designing process of similar contemporary sport buildings.

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    Tamás A. M. The architecture of recession - New tendencies in architectural planning Habilitation Lecture 2014 Hungary Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Pécs

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    Conference Volume of the 19th FMTÜ International Scientific Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Rumania, 20th March, 2014 2014 Cluj-Napoca Erdélyi Múzeum-Egyesület 253 256

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