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Getting the possibility to participate in an actual design process of a Hungarian national sports center is a unique chance to demonstrate and investigate the potential of the dynamic simulation supported building design research program. The research is based on synchronous energy simulations and architectural planning. Energetic and climatic simulations are made during the whole design process. All possible simulated building climate- and energy parameters of the planned versions are compared to each other. In this way it is possible continuously develop the energy and climate characteristic of the designed building. The goal is to reach an accurate design method to be able to predict and minimize the total energy needs of the building as early as the design stage. In the first phase of this process the simulation models of the plan variations are compared, which helps to locate the possible weaknesses of the proposed building geometry and structures or its setting method to develop he building structures and proposed building services systems. In the second phase the chosen building plan is optimized and quantified by final simulations.

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