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  • 1 Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering Bertalan L. u. 2 H-1111 Budapest Hungary
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The determination of service life of concrete structural members is an important aspect of durability design. The scope of the paper is to present an effective and easy to use method for the estimation of service life of pre-cast concrete structural members. A stochastic approach using stochastic finite element method was applied during the analysis. The effect of creep, shrinkage, relaxation, carbonation induced corrosion and deterioration of cross-sectional sizes on the mean value and standard deviation of bending moment resistance, as well as the change of load effect in time were taken into account during the calculations. The results of probabilistic analysis were compared to results of bending tests that were carried out on pre-stressed concrete beams. The use of the introduced method for the purposes of service life estimation is also presented in case of a long-span, pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete beam. Initial stochastic parameters of material properties and structural geometry were derived from destructive material tests and geometry measurements on appropriate beams. Considering the same safety level and design-life as in Eurocode 2, the introduced probabilistic design method delivers about 10% higher load carrying capacity as the application of relevant Eurocode 2 standard in case of the presented beam.

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