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  • 1 University of Pécs Breuer Marcell Doctoral School, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering Boszorkány u. 2 H-7624 Pécs Hungary
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Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, the standards of living conditions are defined by the current financial and economic situation. It has impacts on the smallest details of everyday life as well as on residential purchases and constructions also. These are the sectors that mainly felt the lack of funding in the recent years. Although the treatment of this problem should be a simple answer, ecological, economical and social factors generate a more difficult solution. A very important issue in today’s society concerns making the use of the un-preferred living spaces within an existing home. There are many types of these living spaces, including for example out-of-date country buildings that have lost their function, or a variety of apartments in the cities. It became clear that living in prefabricated (panel) buildings is the most undesirable for the population, so the biggest part of the research is about the theoretical rehabilitation of these buildings.

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