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Asymptotic uniform upper density, shortened as a.u.u.d., or simply upper density, is a classical notion which was first introduced by Kahane for sequences in the real line.

Syndetic sets were defined by Gottschalk and Hendlund. For a locally compact group 𝐺, a set 𝑆 ⊂ 𝐺 is syndetic, if there exists a compact subset 𝐶 ⋐ 𝐺 such that 𝑆𝐶 = 𝐺. Syndetic sets play an important role in various fields of applications of topological groups and semigroups, ergodic theory and number theory. A lemma in the book of Fürstenberg says that once a subset 𝐴 ⊂ ℤ has positive a.u.u.d., then its difference set 𝐴 − 𝐴 is syndetic.

The construction of a reasonable notion of a.u.u.d. in general locally compact Abelian groups (LCA groups for short) was not known for long, but in the late 2000’s several constructions were worked out to generalize it from the base cases of ℤ𝑑 and ℝ𝑑. With the notion available, several classical results of the Euclidean setting became accessible even in general LCA groups.

Here we work out various versions in a general locally compact Abelian group 𝐺 of the classical statement that if a set 𝑆 ⊂ 𝐺 has positive asymptotic uniform upper density, then the difference set 𝑆 − 𝑆 is syndetic.

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Recently [3] we proved a general zero density theorem for a large class of functions which included among others the Riemann zeta function, Dedekind zeta functions, Dirichlet 𝐿-functions. The goal of the present work is a (slight) improvement of this general theorem which might lead to stronger results in some applications.

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This paper serves as a kick-off to address the question of how to define and investigate the stability of bi-continuous semigroups. We will see that the mixed topology is the key concept in this framework.

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An endo-commutative algebra is a nonassociative algebra in which the square mapping preserves multiplication. In this paper, we give a complete classification of 2-dimensional endo-commutative straight algebras of rank one over an arbitrary non-trivial field, where a straight algebra of dimension 2 satisfies the condition that there exists an element x such that x and x 2 are linearly independent. We list all multiplication tables of the algebras up to isomorphism.

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In this paper, we consider the simultaneous sign changes of coefficients of Rankin–Selberg L-functions associated to two distinct Hecke eigenforms supported at positive integers represented by some certain primitive reduced integral binary quadratic form with negative discriminant D. We provide a quantitative result for the number of sign changes of such sequence in the interval (x, 2x] for sufficiently large x.

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In this paper, we derive several asymptotic formulas for the sum of d(gcd(m,n)), where d(n) is the divisor function and m,n are in Piatetski-Shapiro and Beatty sequences.

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Let 𝑛 ∈ ℕ. An element (x 1, … , x 𝑛) ∈ En is called a norming point of T L ( nE) if ‖x 1‖ = ⋯ = ‖xn ‖ = 1 and |T (x 1, … , xn )| = ‖T‖, where L ( nE) denotes the space of all continuous n-linear forms on E. For T L ( nE), we define

Norm(T) = {(x 1, … , x n) ∈ En ∶ (x 1, … , x n) is a norming point of T}.

Norm(T) is called the norming set of T. We classify Norm(T) for every T L (2 𝑑 (1, w)2), where 𝑑 (1, w)2 = ℝ2 with the octagonal norm of weight 0 < w < 1 endowed with x , y d * 1 , w = max x , y , x + y 1 + w .

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In this paper, we introduce and study the class of k-strictly quasi-Fredholm linear relations on Banach spaces for nonnegative integer k. Then we investigate its robustness through perturbation by finite rank operators.

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We construct an algebra of dimension 2ℵ0 consisting only of functions which in no point possess a finite one-sided derivative. We further show that some well known nowhere differentiable functions generate algebras, which contain functions which are differentiable at some points, but where for all functions in the algebra the set of points of differentiability is quite small.

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Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica
Jesús A. De Loera
Christopher O’Neill
, and
Chengyang Wang

In this paper, we explore affine semigroup versions of the convex geometry theorems of Helly, Tverberg, and Carathéodory. Additionally, we develop a new theory of colored affine semigroups, where the semigroup generators each receive a color and the elements of the semigroup take into account the colors used (the classical theory of affine semigroups coincides with the case in which all generators have the same color). We prove an analog of Tverberg’s theorem and colorful Helly’s theorem for semigroups, as well as a version of colorful Carathéodory’s theorem for cones. We also demonstrate that colored numerical semigroups are particularly rich by introducing a colored version of the Frobenius number.

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