This resource center provides information related to ordering subscriptions, accessing subscribed content, managing your institution's holdings and account information, and more. Learn more about the portfolio from our flyer.

Subscription Options


Most of our journals are available in the following two subscription options:

1. Online only 100% of the list price

2. Print and online 115% of the list price

Online subscribers are entitled access to all back issues published by Akadémiai Kiadó for each title for the duration of the subscription, as well as Ahead of Print content for the subscribed content.

Per Title Subscriptions vs. Site License Subscriptions

To better accommodate educational institutions subscribing to multiple journal titles, we offer annual site license options. A site license offers online-only access to all of our journals for 1 year, including all back content and Ahead of Print content. In addition to site licenses, we continue to offer institutional per title subscriptions. In most cases, a site license subscription offers an exceptional value for our library patrons.

For site license offers please contact

Perpetual Access

Akadémiai Kiadó has named Portico as a perpetual access source for institution subscribers to request ongoing access to past subscribed content. Note that these subscribers must also be Portico-participating libraries. To make a formal claim, libraries must contact Portico directly with a request to initiate access. Portico requires specific details to accompany claims. To learn more about making a formal claim, please visit Portico.

Placing An Order

Institutions must place orders by contacting us directly ( or by placing an order through a subscription agent.

Payments for subscriptions must accompany orders.

For wire transfers, contact Akadémiai Kiadó for additional information. 

When placing your order, you will be asked to provide an end user e-mail address for the individual who will administer your institution's account/holdings. You will also be asked to provide IP ranges for access. Note that class "A" IP address ranges are not acceptable.

Our Web Platform

Akadémiai Kiadó is committed to providing institutions with a valuable online experience, including easy access to usage reporting. Our content is hosted on the Sheridan PubFactory platform, which is COUNTER compliant (based on the C.O.P. 5.0). 

COUNTER Reports Prior to April 2020

On April 1, 2020, we re-launched our site with a new platform host. Thus, any COUNTER usage reports prior to March 2020 cannot be accessed from this new platform.

Our new platform began accumulating COUNTER usage statistics from April 1, 2020 and beyond.

If you did not archive your COUNTER reports prior to the launch of this site, please contact:

Accessing Your Subscriptions

Institutions access subscribed content via IP authentication. Upon accessing your institution's account for the first time (see below), you should verify that the necessary IP ranges have been appropriately associated with your account. If you need to add or remove IP ranges for access, please contact us with these updates so that we can reflect any changes in our master records and adjust access as needed.

We do accept authentication to our content via EZProxy server (click here to see our stanza). However, please note that support for EZProxy is managed by OCLC. As such, Akadémiai Kiadó cannot provide configuration guidance or other support for EZProxy. For support, please visit OCLC at

Managing Your Account

Librarian administrators can manage their institution's account via our Account Management System (AMS).

To access the AMS, please visit Log in with your username and password. Your username is the e-mail on record with your account (if you need help locating your username, contact us).

Upon accessing the AMS for the first time, you will need to set a password; set your password by entering your username and clicking on "Forgot your password?". You will receive an e-mail to reset your password and login to your account. 

Using the AMS will allow you to:

  • Monitor subscriptions (Subscriptions tab)
  • Verify IP ranges for access (Access tab)
  • Download COUNTER usage reports (Reports tab)
  • Upload your institutional logo (Details tab)

More details can be found upon logging in to the AMS. If you find that any details associated with your account are incorrect or missing, please contact us.

New Process for Journal Subscribers with IP Address Updates

IP address authentication is an easy way to seamlessly authenticate users requesting access to your content. As a subscriber, you may already know that users can be given access based on their IP address, eliminating the need for user IDs and passwords. You may know how frequently this data needs updating, how much work is involved in communicating these updates to the many different publishers you work with, and how easy it is to introduce typos in the long strings of an IP number.

We are delighted to announce that AKJournals has signed up with to make the process of checking, monitoring and updating the IP addresses used to authenticate access to content easier for subscribers. We are now using data to authenticate access to content, it is therefore important that, if you have not already done so, you create a user account and confirm the data held for your organisation by In future we will ask you to send any IP updates via instead of sending updates to our customer service team. Using an API to update our access management system will mean your updates will be activated within 2 hours of approval by

The first step is to register for free at and confirm the IPs currently registered to your institution. To communicate any IP address updates, simply log in to your account and add or delete the relevant IP address(es)*. The updates will be checked and verified before they are updated on our publishing platform, and you’ll get an immediate error message from if you try to enter an IP address that corresponds to the wrong country or is already registered to another institution.

We’ve introduced this new upgrade to our publishing service because we are committed to providing the highest possible standards to our customers, and allows libraries to manage their IP addresses and broadcast changes to multiple publishers, including AKJournals, from a secure, central location with one click. When you log in to your account you can see the list of all the publishers receiving your updates via making the process really easy for you to manage. We hope you’ll agree that this is a major service development.


This is an implementation of The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (more information: It provides an application-independent interoperability framework based on metadata harvesting. Metadata is available in MARC XML (prefix=marc21), Dublin Core (prefix=oai_dc) and PubFactory (prefix=ifp) formats.

* You may be asked to supply supporting documentation, but this is very easy to do and can be as simple as a copy of an email, or a free text explanation from an authorised user.