Transformative Agreement with Jisc

According to the terminology of Jisc, Transitional Agreements are contracts which gradually shift the basis of payments from an institution to a publisher from subscription-based reading to open access publishing services in a controlled manner.

From May 2023 on, a TA between Jisc and Akadémiai Kiadó supports Open Access publication. Thanks to it, an unlimited number of articles of any type can be published Open Access in our international journals with the fees covered, provided that the corresponding author is affiliated with an institution subscribing to Akadémiai Kiadó’s journal package through Jisc. This applies both to the Gold Open Access journals and the hybrid (or transformative) titles – 36 international journals altogether. In line with the best practices and following the rules of Jisc, these articles must be published with the CC BY 4.0 license.

The authors’ route to Open Access:

  1. For the fastest publication of your work, you are advised to start this process as soon as you submit your manuscript.
  2. Check your eligibility: see if your institution is listed as a subscriber, and if the chosen journal belongs to the international package.
  3. Download the Open Access License Agreement (OALA).
  4. Fill in and sign the OALA and send a scanned copy via email to the address
  5. The administrator of your institution will be contacted for approval.
  6. If the administrator approves your eligibility, then the paper will be published Open Access with no additional fee. Should the administrator disapprove your eligibility, you will be contacted by the publisher. They will offer you Open Access with APC payment or costless non-Open Access publication (if the latter option is available in the chosen journal).

Authors’s route is also available in a pdf format.