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Eight malting barley cultivars were used to investigate the cultivar and environmental effects on grain protein components and the relationships between protein fractions and β -amylase or β -glucanase activity. The results showed there was a great variation for three protein fraction (albumin, hordein and glutelin) contents over cultivars and locations, and a distinct difference in each protein fraction content between the locations for a given cultivars. Correlation analysis indicated that β -amylase activity was significantly correlated with three protein fraction contents and there was a negative correlation between glutelin content and β -amylase activity, but β -amylase activity positively correlated with albumin or hordein content. Furthermore, there was a significant positive correlation between total protein content and β -glucanase activity, and we found the hordein and glutelin content did not show correlated with β -glucanase activity but the albumin content was a significantly negative correlation with β -glucanase activity.

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Trifolium repens Linn (white clover) is the main host of several economically important thrips species in Yunnan Province, in China. The diversity and relative abundance of thrips found on white clover were surveyed weekly via destructive collections from May 2009–May 2010 in Kunming. The 1786 thrips adults were collected and prepared on slides, eight thrips species were identified. The predominant species was western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis), then followed by Megalurothrips distalis, Thrips flavus, Frankliniella intonsa, Thrips palmi, Thrips hawaiiensis, Thrips tabaci and Megalurothrips usitatus. The largest variation in abundance occurred in Mid-Autumn and late Winter, with Thrips flavus dominant at Mid-Autumn and Megalurothrips distalis dominant at late Winter. The correlativity results showed that the population of western flower thrips was significantly negatively correlated to the population of M. distalis (P<0.01), and no significant correlation was found between the population of western flower thrips and the other thrips (P>0.05) in Summer of 2009. In Spring of 2010, the population of western flower thrips was negatively correlated to the population of M. distalis (P<0.05), and it was no significant correlated to the population of the others thrips (P>0.05). However, no significant correlation was found between the population of western flower thrips and the others thrips (P>0.05) in both autumn and winter of 2009.

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Nattokinase (NK) is effective in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Cucumber is rich in nutrients with low sugar content and is safe for consumption. The aim of this study was to construct a therapeutic cucumber that can express NK, which can prevent and alleviate cardiovascular diseases by consumption. Because the Bitter fruit (Bt) gene contributes to bitter taste but has no obvious effect on the growth and development of cucumber, so the NK-producing cucumber was constructed by replacing the Bt gene with NK by using CRISPR/Cas9. The pZHY988-Cas9-sgRNA and pX6-LHA-U6-NK-T-RHA vectors were constructed and transformed into Agrobacterium tumefaciens EHA105, which was transformed into cucumber by floral dip method. The crude extract of NK-producing cucumber had significant thrombolytic activity in vitro. In addition, treatment with the crude extract significantly delayed thrombus tail appearance, and the thrombin time of mice was much longer than that of normal mice. The degrees of coagulation and blood viscosity as well as hemorheological properties improved significantly after crude extract treatment. These findings show that NK-producing cucumber can effectively alleviate thrombosis and improve blood biochemical parameters, providing a new direction for diet therapy against cardiovascular diseases.

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