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The thermal decomposition behavior of composite modified double-base propellant containing hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (CL-20/CMDB propellant) was studied by microcalorimetry. The kinetic and thermodynamic parameters were obtained from the analysis of the heat flow curves. The effect of different proportion of CL-20 to the thermal decomposition behavior, kinetics, and thermal hazard was investigated at the same time. The critical temperature of thermal explosion (T b), the self acceleration decomposition temperature (T SADT), and the adiabatic decomposition temperature rise (ΔT ad) were calculated to evaluate the thermal hazard of the CL-20/CMDB propellant. It shows that the CMDB propellant with 38% CL-20 has relative lower values of E and lgA, and with 18% CL-20 has the highest potential hazard.

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: Li Bai Xiao, Xiao Ling Xing, Xue Zhong Fan, Feng Qi Zhao, Zhi Ming Zhou, Hai Feng Huang, Ting An, Hai Xia Hao, and Qing Pei


The enthalpies of dissolution for di(N,N-di(2,4,6,-trinitrophenyl)amino)-ethylenediamine (DTAED) in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) were measured using a RD496-2000 Calvet microcalorimeter at 298.15 K. Empirical formulae for the calculation of the enthalpies of dissolution (Δdiss H) were obtained from the experimental data of the dissolution processes of DTAED in DMSO and NMP. The linear relationships between the rate (k) and the amount of substance (a) were found. The corresponding kinetic equations describing the two dissolution processes were for the dissolution of DTAED in DMSO, and for the dissolution of DTAED in NMP, respectively.

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