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Enniatins (ENs), produced by Fusarium species are a group of mycotoxins with antimicrobial, insecticidal (GROVE & POPLE, 1980) and phytotoxic activities. PCR based assays were applied for detecting enniatin-producing strains of Fusarium avenaceum, F. poae and F. sporotrichioides isolated from wheat seeds originated of 30 geographic localities of Hungary. All F. sporotrichoides strains and except two of all F. poae strains gave positive signal to esysp1 and esysp2 primers as well as all F. avenaceum isolates were positive to esya1 and esya2 primers indicating the ability to produce ENs. This is a first report of the enniatin producing ability of Fusarium species associated to wheat in Hungary.

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The king oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) is becoming more and more popular amongst the producers due to its excellent taste and relatively easy cultivation technology. Though investigations aiming to involve the mushroom in industrial cultivation had started in Hungary already in the 1950s, significant efforts were not made until 2002. In contrast to this, the volume of production in Europe and the United States has been growing continuously in the last decade. Although the species have been subjected to some taxonomical investigations, there are still a lot of contradictions in the taxonomic positioning of the P. eryngii species complex. In this study we investigated the genetic variability and taxonomic relationships among P. eryngii strains by using the RAPD-PCR method. Fifteen strains were analysed from our collection that represents mostly the Eastern-Hungarian habitats. Twenty-five random decamer primers were tested in the preliminary experiments and six were chosen that were used for binary coding. A neighbour-joining tree prepared from this matrix shows the coherence among the taxonomic relations and production sites of the potentially cultivable Hungarian strains.

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Acta Alimentaria
Authors: Z. Naar, N. Adányi, I. Bata-Vidács, and R. Tömösközi-Farkas
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