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Thermal behaviors of mono-and binuclear Ru(II)-pydim complexes: [PydimCl2RuL] (Pydim: pyridine-2,6-diimine; 2: L=NCMe; 3: L=PPh3) and [PydimCl2Ru(L-L)RuCl2Pydim] (4: L-L=pyrazine; 5: L-L=4,4′-bipyridine) have been studied in nitrogen atmosphere using TG/DTG and DTA techniques. The decompositions of complexes occur in stepwise. The values of activation energy, E a, and reaction order, n of the thermal decomposition were calculated by means of several methods such as Coats-Redfern (CR), MacCallum-Tanner (MT), Horowitz-Metzger (HM), van Krevelen (vK), Madhusudanan-Krishnan-Ninan (MKN) and Wanjun-Yuwen-Hen-Cunxin (WYHC) based on the single heating rate. Most appropriate method was determined for each decomposition step according to the least-squares linear regression.

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