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Physiology International
Authors: V Buko, I Kuzmitskaya, S Kirko, E Belonovskaya, E Naruta, O Lukivskaya, A Shlyahtun, T Ilyich, A Zakreska, and I Zavodnik

(29)-ene-3, 28-diol] is a pentacyclic triterpene, which is widely distributed in many plants. In birch bark extracts, the contents of betulin can vary from 54% to 82% of dry weight ( 31 ). Betulin acts as a direct scavenger of free oxygen radicals ( 34

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were performed on several different HILIC columns: silica, cyano, amino and diol. The amino column was selected as the most suitable stationary phase for further analysis. In preliminary studies, acetonitrile was selected as the organic component of the

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-acetoxyscirpen-3, 4-diol . J Antibiot (Tokyo) 31 , 485 – 486 ( 1978 ). 10.7164/antibiotics.31.485 17. Claridge , C. A. , Schmitz , H

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Acta Botanica Hungarica
Authors: S. Y. Kondratyuk, L. Lőkös, I. Kärnefelt, A. Thell, M.-H. Jeong, S.-O. Oh, A. S. Kondratiuk, E. Farkas, and J.-S. Hur

. Chemistry: Cortex K+ yellow, C–, KC–, P+ yellow; medulla or its upper portion K+ yellow, C–, P–; lower surface K+ violet; containing atranorin (major), zeorin (major), 16β-acetoxyhopane-6α,22- diol (major), leucotylin (minor), 7-chloroemodin (minor), flavo

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