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We describe tests of EiChrom Industries' Ni-selective ion exchange resin for use in analysis of63Ni in Savannah River Site high level waste. We report measurement of63Ni content in two sets of Savannah River Site glass product from the Defense Waste Processing Facility. The63Ni β-decay activity was chemically separated in quintuplicate from fission product and plutonium α-β activities of up to 103 times the observed63Ni content. The separation used a Ni-dimethlyglyoxime precipitation followed by radiochemical purification using the Ni-selective extraction chromatography resin. Further removal of interfering activity was based on diagnosis of observed radioactivity in each successive product phase. We analyzed eleven plant glass product samples using seven spiked standard addition duplicates to measure63Ni recovery in the separations. Selected liquid scintillation β-decay spectra are shown to validate the method. Interpretation of accuracy is based upon three distinct comparisions to predicted63Ni content.

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Harriet S. Hill: The Bible at Cultural Crossroads From Translation to Communication

Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing, 2006, 280p. ISBN 1-900650-74-4 (pbk)

Across Languages and Cultures
Author: János Nagy
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The paper analyses the prescriptive Biblical performative verbs zapovedovati (zapovedujem), ukazováti (ukazujem), narocati (narocam) and constructions such as to je moja zapoved, novo zapoved vam dam, izdajam povelje. The verb zapovedovati is never used performatively in the commandments of the Old Testament. The first person singular form only reports a given situation. In their performative use the prescriptive verbs signal a new situation.

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In dealing with biblical subjects (especially in dramatic production between 1910 and 1930) Croatian literary expressionism showed its potent artistic side. This paper attempts to identify active literary mechanisms used by Croatian expressionist writers in their works in order to mark the syntactic and semantic potential of the biblical text. The analysis of intertextual connections between the biblical original and new literary structures results in establishing the dichotomy between affirmation/reconstruction (M. Begović, A. Cesarec, J. Kosor, T. Prpić, F. Galović, S. Tucić, M. Ogrizović) and negation/disputing of biblical contents, motifs and symbols (T. Strozzi, M. Krleža, J. Kulundžić, K. Mesarić). A frequent choice of Christ’s character and events in connection with him for literary interpretation and the construction of structure and semantics of a new text gives evidence of functional overlapping and joining of a Christian myth on Jesus as a Savior of humankind and expressionistic myth on a New Man as a symbolic projection of spiritual renewal.

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. Jenkins , P. 2010 . The Bible in a Changing Christian World . Keynote address, elhangzott a United Bible Societies 8. Világgyűlésén, 2010. szeptember 21-én. Megjelenés alatt magyarul: Theologiai Szemle 2011

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