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imagery with the aegis of Pallas Athena is Homeric ( Iliad V 738–742). Euripides has a version of the lore in which Athena slays “Gorgo” ( Ion 987–1017, on which see, especially GIBERT, J. C.: Euripides: Ion . Cambridge 2019, 273–274). Pindar, Pythian

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. JHS 116 (1996) 1–32. Further studies on hybris from various angles include, e.g., DICKIE, M. W.: Hêsychia and Hybris in Pindar. In GERBER, D. E. (ed.): Greek Poetry and Philosophy. Studies in Honour of Leonard Woodbury . Chico, CA 1984, 83

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Who protects children in the Roman religion? From whom?

Some reflections concerning Carna, Ino, and Thesan, in connection with Mater Matuta

Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Author: Giulia Pedrucci

schol ., 985; Mimn. frg . 4; Ibyc. Schol. ad Apollon. R. 3. 158 and frg . 189; Eur. Tro . 847–858; Pindar, Ol . 2. 184; Apollod. Bibl . 3. 147.) Her nymphomania towards beautiful youths as Aphrodite's punishment for having bedded with her lover Ares

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