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Bishop’s Judge, nor his council, for I had gone to the Scribe Paul on my knees and I shall be saved if seventy witnesses could not press me down” (Witness No. 2: István Hati’s wife, née Zsófia Menyhért, Schram 1970 :I. 49). It may have been significant

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). The identity of ma’aleh ‘ashan was jealously guarded even from the scribes who recorded the traditions in the Talmud (Mishna. Yoma 38a), although its purpose is indicated by its name which means “that which causes smoke to rise” ( Abramowitz, 2012

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what his accent was like. The scribe wrote the records of the first phase of the trial in Spanish because of the contemporary centralisation of imperial procedures. However, the main reason of incomprehension by the testifiers might not have been the

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Journal of Psychedelic Studies
Authors: Robert Beckstead, Bryce Blankenagel, Cody Noconi, and Michael Winkelman

had great sympathy for this branch of medical practice. Soon after his induction into the religion, Smith appointed Williams to the office of Second Counselor to the Prophet, Smith’s scribe, and printer for church publications. As a physician, Williams

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