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The paper intends to present communication if foreign languages in the perspective of “everyday creativity”. It tries to define the role of creativity training in certain aspects and at certain stages of the education of foreign language students. The reflection is fostered by the opinions sustaining that creativity may be a factor at play in the communication in foreign languages. It is rooted in the principles of glottodidactics, its aims and scope of research, as formulated by researchers from Polish school of applied linguistics. Moreover, it takes into account trends and tendencies showing new directions in thinking about foreign language acquisition, in particular those outlining the role of the student. The approach adopted relates also to the role played in psychoeducation by didactic and creativity research (both pure and applied), which may pave the way for research on creativity training and its role in foreign language teaching and learning.

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The role of grammar in the foreign language classroom has been widely questioned in language teaching methodology. The positions have oscillated between those who have rejected the possibility of including grammar contents and those that have used grammar like a kernel of the learning process. The work that we present here is based on two fundamental ideas: (1) grammar must be understood like an instrument for learning, and (2) the concept of descriptive grammar must be replaced by the one of pedagogical grammar, directed to complete the assimilation of linguistic contents as a vehicle of communication. We develop a new proposal for teaching grammar that will have to contribute to the definitive location of grammar contents in the process of learning a foreign language.

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On-line ``chat'' communication combines elements of speech and writing. Specific lexical forms arise which characterize such cyberspeech. The paper provides an analysis of lexical forms underlying the discourse of on-line chats. It also attempts to answer the question of whether native forms of on-line communication should be tackled as part of foreign language teaching.

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This article defines convenience in foreign language teaching as a neces­sity to adapt teaching process to students' needs and expectations. On the basis of their teaching experience with Chinese learners, Ms Charmet and Ms Martin present a thorough error analysis and thus propose a method which is conform to Chinese way of thinking as well as to Chinese learning habits: amusing activities which lead students from repetition drills to a reflective and creative language use, with special attention to phonological difficulties.

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Az árnyékoktatásról internetes magánoktatói hirdetések tükrében

On Shadow Education in the Light of Online Private Tutor Ads

Author: Zsuzsanna Hanna Biró


One of the crucial areas of the private education market, especially in terms of shadow education, is foreign language teaching. At the same time, less studied topics are who and why they become private teachers, in which forums they advertise their services, to whom and what services they provide, etc. The paper reports the results of a pilot study in which we searched for answers to the above questions from the ads of 453 English teachers and 118 mathematics teachers on two Hungarian online advertisement portals. In addition to the gender and age composition of advertisers, the analysis focuses primarily on four main issues: a) How important is a degree for private tutoring? b) How flexible are private teachers? c) How much does a private lesson cost and is the activity legal? d) What do private tutors consider to be their own strengths?

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Society Vol. 6 . No. 3 . 313 – 322 . Crystal , D. 2002 . The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language . Beijing : Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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[ Choice-Making in the Process of English-Chinese Translation: An Empirical Study ]. Beijing : Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press .

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Goriot ). In: Chinese Translators Association. (ed.) Fanyi Yanjiu Lunwenji: 1949–1983 (Essays on Translation Studies: 1949–1983) . Beijing: Foreign Languages Teaching & Research Press. 80–81. Fu L

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's origin . Foreign Languages 4 . 9 – 11 . Chen , Xinren . 2018 b. On constructing the disciplinary discourse system of China pragmatics . Foreign Language Teaching 8 . 12

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