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A motoros egységek aktivitásának változása a biceps brachii izomban különböző intenzitású izometriás terhelések hatására

Changes in motor unit activity in the biceps brachii muscle under different intensities of isometric loading

Orvosi Hetilap
Ádám Hegedüs
Bence Ádám Kopper

Farina D, Fosci M, Merletti R. Motor unit recruitment strategies investigated by surface EMG variables. J Appl Physiol. 2002; 92: 235–247. 17 Wakeling

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characterised by enhanced simultaneous recruitment of the flexor and extensor muscles and a loss of ability to modulate motor unit recruitment in the hindlimbs, which is associated with selective Purkinje cell distal axonal degeneration; however, a full

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Physiology International
Katsuyuki Tokinoya
Seiko Ono
Kai Aoki
Koki Yanazawa
Yasuhiro Shishikura
Takehito Sugasawa
, and
Kazuhiro Takekoshi

, Matsui T , Shima T , Hormetic effects by exercise on hippocampal neurogenesis with glucocorticoid signaling . Brain Plast 2015 ; 1 : 149 – 58 . 10.3233/BPL-150012 17. Sieck GC , Fournier M . Diaphragm motor unit recruitment during

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when exercising with very low exercise loads (≤20% 1RM). Given the importance of effort (i.e., approaching or reaching volitional failure) and motor unit recruitment on inducing muscle growth ( 23 ), combined with the relationship between acute swelling

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capture the true fatigue response. Furthermore, since we used surface EMG, we cannot infer motor unit recruitment from our data as we did not measure it specifically. However, we believe we were careful in our interpretation of EMG and did not overstate

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increases in both metabolic demands and motor unit recruitment during low-intensity resistance exercise ( 11 ). The potential of LV + continuous BFR to elicit a greater acute response cannot be entirely ruled out. Therefore, this study may be limited to the

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