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Risk reduction and harm prevention in technology use

A commentary on Swanton et al.'s (2020) ‘Problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies: A stakeholder framework to minimize harms’

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Daria J. Kuss

Introduction In their paper “Problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies: A stakeholder framework to minimize harms”, Swanton, Blaszczynski, Forlini, Starcevic, and Gainsbury (2020) discuss key terms and concerns with regards to risk

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This article presents some results of the photographic analysis project, that we accomplish on the basis of 17,000 photos shot during the anthropological fieldwork between October 2008 and November 2009 among Evenki living in East Buryatia, in the Eastern part of Siberia. The aim of the project is to study the non-verbal patterns of culture. Some activities are significant due to the natural environment and the peripheral position of the Evenki land. Modern and old instruments can be seen together in the taiga, they relate to each other and form pairs. The existence of these pairs show the necessity of the co-presence of modern and old technologies and the importance of the categories — activities — tasks connected with them. An old instrument can remain among the Evenki only if an adaptable new instrument can find its place in the everyday life. Sometimes old practical skills also need to be reinvented for the accomplishment of a particular task. The things which have no modern existing pair, step by step lose their place and extinguish.

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between science and technology, the research on ‘relationship between science and technology’ in technology diffusion has become one of the favourite topics in the field of patentometrics. Among kinds of items in the bibliographic information in

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stakeholders perspective , Organization, Technology and Management in Construction Journal , Vol. 6 , No. 2 , 2014 , pp. 1058 – 1065 . [2] Mwanaumo E

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Anthony Nasir
Tariq Mahmood Ali
Sheikh Shahdin
, and
Tariq Ur Rahman

Introduction The technology achievement of a county refers to the level of its technological readiness to participate in the global knowledge based economy. This can be described through a combination of appropriate indicators

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Sustainable consumption and production

An effort to reconcile the determinants of environmental impact

Society and Economy
Stefano Pogutz
Valerio Micale

Technology. Human Ecology Review 1: 277–300. Rosa E. Rethinking the Environmental Impacts of Population, Affluence and Technology Human Ecology Review

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Introduction Since science and technology documents have been managed systematically, nations and companies have been able to analyze this information to guide planning of research and development (R&D). In the 1980s, analysis

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information technologies.’ 1 In Ukraine, as in the whole world, there is a total digitalization of society, both on the private legal and public legal levels. On December 9, 2014, The Digital 5 (D5), the union of leading digital states (Estonia

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, 2023). Notably, among diverse populations with social deficits, social chatbot applications may be particularly appealing to individuals on the autism spectrum, who may view the technology as a viable, and in some cases preferable, alternative to human

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) Fiott , D. , Prizeman , K. , ‘ The Arms Trade Treaty and the Control of Dual-Use Goods and Technologies ’ ( 2013 ) 1 IES Working Paper . Gregory , J. E. , ‘ Controlling

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