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notitiam tuam perferenda existimaui (10. 67. 2) and quod in notitiam perferendum existimaui (10. 75. 2). 28 Another point which deserves attention and has been highlighted carefully by Adams 29 concerns the use of rogo (or similar verbs) + ut or the

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Chalcocondyles Latinus •

Konrad Clauser's translation of Chalkokondyles

Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Tamás Mészáros

length: „Quod ad versionem nostram attinet, viri clarissimi (i. e. the Schwalbach-brothers), vos atque adeo omnes iterum atque iterum rogo, eam aequi bonique consulere velitis. Si quae in nostra versione est obscuritas, eam peperit Graecum exemplar

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endings; the second one is a rhyming deformation, cf. Adams–Ast (n. 13) 249. 24 See, e.g., Antoniv, Bitv (= Antonio , Bito, O.Did. 334), Rvgv, Lvgino (= rogo, Longino, O.Did. 335). 25 For further discussion, cf. Adams, J. N.: The Regional

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– vowel-final stems typically behave in this way (e.g. fiú-k, kapu-k, kocsi-k ‘car-PL’, hajó-k, fá-k, erdő-k ‘forest-PL’). 31 (12) Minimally uniform final substring for all forms PL: vako k ≈ napo k ≈ tága k ≈ ága k ≈ rögö k ≈ szöge k … → _k PL

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the ablative among and around these declarations of properties 22 constructed by the verb profiteor with the accusative. In a curse tablet from early Baetica, the case confusion in plural evidenced by ROGO () DEIBVS for rogo () deos (LLDB-45769) or

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tablet from Nulvi (near Sassari). 30 A significant element in this case is the repetition of the term rogo, that outlines the plea of the defixor . The dominus mentioned is the God of the underworld, to whom the curse is

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. London 2012, 156-169. 20 Many studies have been carried out on Latin private letters. Cf. above all Halla-Aho, H.: The Non-literary Latin Letters. A Study on Their Syntax and Pragmatics . Helsinki 2009; Molinelli, P.: Tra oralità e scrittura: rogo

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