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A novel multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) dispersive solid phase extraction (d-SPE) method which combined with gas chromatography (GC) coupled with electron capture detector (ECD) was developed for the determination of five pyrethroid pesticides in liquid milk for the first time. The effect of d-SPE conditions on the kinds of sorbent, MWCNTs and magnesium sulfate anhydro mass ratio, and extraction condition were researched, and then, the suitable method was found. Under the optimal conditions, the linear range was from 20 to 500 μg kg−1. The recoveries were from 81.8% to 112.1%, with the corresponding relative standard deviations (RSDs) less than 6%, correlation coefficients from 0.9978 to 0.9990, and limits of detection and quantification from 2.62 to 4.86 μg kg−1 and 8.73 to 16.2 μg kg−1. The proposed method is simple, fast, safe, and has high recovery and sensitivity applicable to analyze pyrethroid pesticides in liquid milk sample.

Open access
Acta Alimentaria
Authors: R.D. Wang, Y.J. Deng, L.J. Sun, Y.L. Wang, Z.J. Fang, D.F. Sun, Q. Deng, and R. Gooneratne

Growth and haemolytic activity of several pathogenic Vibrio species were compared in egg-fried-rice with different egg ratios. Egg-fried-rice preparations with rice-to-egg ratios of 4:1, 1:1, and 1:4 were inoculated with either Vibrio parahaemolyticus, V. cholerae, V. vulnificus, or V. alginolyticus and incubated for 24 h. Cell number, thermostable direct haemolysin (TDH) activity, and total haemolytic activity were determined. The cell number and total haemolytic activity increased in all Vibrio strains after 24 h, and these were most marked in egg-fried-rice with the highest egg content (1:4 (rice:egg) ratio; P<0.05). V. alginolyticus exhibited the maximal growth and V. parahaemolyticus the highest haemolytic activity, but only V. parahaemolyticus ATCC 33847, V. alginolyticus CAMT 21162, and V. alginolyticus HY 91101 showed TDH activity. Results suggest that lowering egg content in egg-fried-rice could reduce growth and virulence of Vibrio pathogens.

Open access