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. Németh , K. , U. Martin 2007 : Shallow sill and dyke complex in western Hungary as a possible feeding system of phreatomagmatic volcanoesin “soft rock” environment . – Journal Volcanology and Geothermal Research , 159 , pp. 138 – 152

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(ZLR) an der Universität Zürich, (Dike Verlag Zürich/St. Gallen, Nomos Verlag Baden-Baden, facultas.wuv Verlag Wien 2014 ). Thurner , V. , Grundfragen des Treuhandwesens

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Pollack Periodica
Authors: Andrej Šoltész, Dana Baroková, Zinaw Dingetu Shenga, and Michaela Červeňanská

first phase of the project, a closure structure (hydraulic gate) on Klátov branch is designed along with the construction of a transverse dike and its connection to the existing right-side dike of the Little Danube and Klátov branch. In the second phase

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Antonius J. van Rooij PhD, Daria J. Kuss, Mark D. Griffiths, Gillian W. Shorter, Tim M. Schoenmakers, and Dike van de Mheen



The current study explored the nature of problematic (addictive) video gaming (PVG) and the association with game type, psychosocial health, and substance use.


Data were collected using a paper and pencil survey in the classroom setting. Three samples were aggregated to achieve a total sample of 8478 unique adolescents. Scales included measures of game use, game type, the Video game Addiction Test (VAT), depressive mood, negative self-esteem, loneliness, social anxiety, education performance, and use of cannabis, alcohol and nicotine (smoking).


Findings confirmed problematic gaming is most common amongst adolescent gamers who play multiplayer online games. Boys (60%) were more likely to play online games than girls (14%) and problematic gamers were more likely to be boys (5%) than girls (1%). High problematic gamers showed higher scores on depressive mood, loneliness, social anxiety, negative self-esteem, and self-reported lower school performance. Nicotine, alcohol, and cannabis using boys were almost twice more likely to report high PVG than non-users.


It appears that online gaming in general is not necessarily associated with problems. However, problematic gamers do seem to play online games more often, and a small subgroup of gamers — specifically boys — showed lower psychosocial functioning and lower grades. Moreover, associations with alcohol, nicotine, and cannabis use are found. It would appear that problematic gaming is an undesirable problem for a small subgroup of gamers. The findings encourage further exploration of the role of psychoactive substance use in problematic gaming.

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Central European Geology
Authors: János Haas, Tamás Budai, István Dunkl, Éva Farics, Sándor Józsa, Szilvia Kövér, Annette E. Götz, Olga Piros, and Péter Szeitz

of the andesite dike found in core Bö-1 ( Farics et al. 2015 ). In places, the Upper Eocene conglomerate is overlain by a shallow marine Discocyclina-bearing limestone (Szépvölgy Formation), e.g., on the Törökugrató Hill. However, Triassic

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. – Mineralium Deposita 38/2 , pp. 169 – 184 . Käpyaho , A. , T. Ahtola , R. Alviola 2007 : Whole-rock geochemical characteristics of a lithium pegmatite dike: a case example

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The idiom of the scales of justiceis commonly known and widely used. Iustitia can frequently be seen in different representations holding scales in her hand. The scales as a means or a symbol of justice (justness) or the administration of justice can be encountered in various places in Greek literature, one of its earliest instances being the Homeric Hermes' Hymn (Dikés talanta). According to these loci Zeus holds the scales of Diké, that is to say, the scales of justice in his hand. In the Iliad (23, 109-213) one may come across a scene presented in context, thus suitable for being more amply analysed, in which Zeus is pronouncing justice over the heroes using a pair of scales. In search of the meaning of Dikés talanta, this study tries to clarify the concept of law and justice (justness) in Homeric epic (I.), then by a structural (II.) and comparative analysis (III.) of certain lines of the weighing scene, decisive in the combat of Achilles and Hector, it formulates a few remarks on the origin and meaning of the concept of the scales of justice. One cannot claim that this idea of Egyptian religion had been transferred in its entirety into Greek thinking, but it is not surprising, as one can barely encounter an unaltered Egyptian borrowing in Greek mythological thinking. Nonetheless, some Egyptian influence, possibly with Cretan transmission, can be detected in the development of the Greek versions of psykhostasia and kerostasia. Pictorial as well as textual manifestations of such influence can be found on the one hand in vase-paintings, and on the other hand-undergoing a specific alteration of aspect in the form of kerostasia-in Homer, who paved the way for the scales of justice of Zeus and Iuppiter to become the symbol of Diké and Iustitia, and subsequently of the administration of justice itself.

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value assignment is often referred to as the ‘step size’ (e.g. $10 for 1 point) and the time to reward as the reward distance ( Min et al., 2016; Van Dyke, Jenner & Maddern, 2016 ) although different point values may apply to different games and

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Orsolya Dóra Ács, Bálint Péterfia, Péter Hollósi, Irén Haltrich, Ágnes Sallai, Andrea Luczay, Karin Buiting, Bernhard Horsthemke, Dóra Török, András Szabó, and György Fekete

, Van Dyke DL. Diagnostic testing: A cost analysis for Prader–Willi and Angelman Syndromes. Genet Med. 2002; 4: 448–450.

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, pegmatitic gabbro, meta-gabbro, layered gabbro, pyroxenite dikes/veins, dunite veins, amphibolite, and rodingite veins (Fig.  3 ; Ghazi and Hassanipak 1999 ; Ghazi et al. 2003 ; Juteau 2004 ; Azizi et al. 2006 ; Moazzen and Oberhänsli 2008 ). The Khoy

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