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e-learning too ( Yanuschik, Pakhomova, & Batbold, 2015 ). These platforms provide a much more modern environment; their application is usually and can be more efficient than the more common ones, such as today’s highly popular virtual environments

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/1 International Journal of Web-Based Communities 4 – 17 . Brenner , S.W. , ‘ Is There Such a Thing as “Virtual Crime”? ’ ( 2001 ) 4/1 Article 3 California Criminal Law Review 1 – 72

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the characteristics of the virtual environment, researchers expected introversion to predict CIU (e.g. Landers & Lounsbury, 2006 ). More in-depth analyses showed that this, and all other Big Five factors, seems to lose their predictive value when

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to achieve effective VM scheduling and placement. This paper reviews different areas of literature that deal with the Virtual Machines (VMs) placement onto physical machines (PMs). This survey aims to identify and classify research done in the area of

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play design, and enable players to invest real money in exchange for virtual credits that can be won or lost. These activities, therefore, blur the line between gaming and gambling, but fundamentally evade legal definition as a gambling activity due to

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Engin Karadağ, Şule Betül Tosuntaş, Evren Erzen, Pinar Duru, Nalan Bostan, Berrak Mizrak Şahin, İlkay Çulha, and Burcu Babadağ

Background and aims

Phubbing can be described as an individual looking at his or her mobile phone during a conversation with other individuals, dealing with the mobile phone and escaping from interpersonal communication. In this research, determinants of phubbing behavior were investigated; in addition, the effects of gender, smart phone ownership and social media membership were tested as moderators.


To examine the cause–effect relations among the variables of the theoretical model, the research employs a correlational design. Participants were 409 university students who were selected via random sampling. Phubbing was obtained via the scales featuring mobile phone addiction, SMS addiction, internet addiction, social media addiction and game addiction. The obtained data were analyzed using a correlation analysis, multiple linear regression analysis and structural equation model.


The results showed that the most important determinants of phubbing behavior are mobile phone, SMS, social media and internet addictions.


Although the findings show that the highest correlation value explaining phubbing is a mobile phone addiction, the other correlation values reflect a dependency on the phone.


There is an increasing tendency towards mobile phone use, and this tendency prepares the basis of phubbing.

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Addressing problematic video game use: A multimethod, dual-context perspective on leisure-time use

Commentary on: Policy responses to problematic video game use: A systematic review of current measures and future possibilities (Király et al., 2018)

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Antonius J. Van Rooij and Laura M. Nijkamp

limitations ( Parke, Wardle, Rigbye, & Parke, 2012 , p. 98): the data are silo-based and narrow (specific to certain products). Ultimately, the range of log-data might well grow further. People have started to use Virtual Reality setups with motion cameras

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his colleagues give us a comprehensive summary [ 2 ] of the topic, mostly focusing on medical applications. The study of Sutherland et al. [ 3 ] provides insight into the latest Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to display

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. , Isometries of virtual quadratic spaces , Annales Univ. Sci. Sect. Math. , 59 ( 2016 ), 123 – 132 . arXiv:1612.02682 [5] Kitaoka , Y

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Ádám Perényi, Bálint Posta, Linda Szabó, Zoltán Tóbiás, Balázs Dimák, Roland Nagy, Gyöngyi Jónás, Zsófia Bere, József Kiss, László Rovó, and Miklós Csanády

–536. 4 Leuwer R, Petersik A, Pflesser B, et al. VOXEL-MAN TempoSurg – a virtual reality temporal bone surgery simulator. J Jpn Soc Head Neck Surg. 2007; 17: 203

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