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Hungarian statutes and regulations contain a "without prejudice to international treaty obligations" clause as to the scope of their provisions. In such cases the international treaty-or maybe an existing mutual practice in its absence-shall be enforced based on the express provision of the domestic act. This process might prove to be quite lengthy, since the Minister of Justice is authorized to pronounce on the existence of such mutual practices. In the second half of the 1990's the Hungarian legislative branch (the Parliament) passed a statute on taxation which entered into force even though it violated the bilateral treaties concluded by Hungary to avoid double taxation.

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). During the Nanjing Nationalist Government, the Nationalist Party promulgated three constitutional documents, the Provisional Constitution of the Republic of China (1931), the Draft Constitution of Republic of China (1936) and the Constitution of Republic

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, during the 1980s and 1990s, social justice, equal opportunity, equity, inclusion, schedules, policies, programs and action plans were promulgated by education systems across liberal democracies. Just as the author commented that education is ‘good’ for

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” literature – is increasingly popular in the renewal of clinical psychedelic studies. The primary site for the practice and promulgation of the mysticomimetic protocol is Johns Hopkins University, where Roland Griffiths is the principal investigator and

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the time, when the Chinese model started to face a major ideological challenge “from the inside.” President and General Secretary Gorbachev promulgated the concepts of glasnost , uskorenie and perestroika . He also started to democratize the

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control the maximum residue limits for these pesticides in different agricultural and sideline products. The U.S. has promulgated Title 40 CFR (the code of Federal Regulation) Part 180 to regulate the maximum allowable pesticide content in food. In China

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Society and Economy
Authors: Óscar Brito Fernandes, Mukhethwa Netshiombo, László Gulácsi, Niek S. Klazinga, Márta Péntek, and Petra Baji

facilities, the private sector and non-governmental organisations to address social determinants of health. In this regard, the Ideal Clinic initiative measures PHC facilities against a set of promulgated norms and standards (e.g. an Ideal Clinic should score

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recognized him (cf. his consulship was not recognized in East, never promulgated laws together, coins were not minted in eastern mints in Avitus’ name). Avitus probably tried diplomatically to solve the disputes situation of Illyricum between East and West

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; Lendvai 1985 :79–86). With reference to declining profitability the decision was made at the end of 1980s about the wrap up of the HISZÖV, but member co-operatives were not liquidated at that time. ( Fig. 7 ) The decision was promulgated by the Decree of

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