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Authors: P. Neumann, Z. Horváth, P. Nemes-Incze, G. Molnár, G. Vértesy and L. Biró

We studied the electrical transport properties of indium contacted graphene, few layer graphite (FLG) and bulk graphite samples under ambient conditions. Some of the contacted samples showed nonlinear transport characteristics. The initial electrical properties of the samples were changed reversibly by light illumination and irreversibly by argon ion irradiation. Ion irradiation modified the nonlinear I–V characteristics to quasi-linear ones in many cases. The resistance of a graphene sample showed positive temperature coefficient.

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Journal of Psychedelic Studies
Authors: Thaddeus James Camlin, Donald Eulert, Arthur Thomas Horvath, Steven F. Bucky, Joseph P. Barsuglia and Martin Polanco

Background and aims

This study examined the lived experience of individuals who underwent ibogaine treatment for an opioid use disorder.


Semi-structured interview questions probed for potential changes in predetermined categories derived from a literature review. Participants’ experiences with ibogaine were analyzed for commonalities and emergent themes.


Categories that emerged revealed themes about subjective neurological and physical effects, auditory and visual phenomena, impact on withdrawal and craving, and shifts in outlook on self and life.


Ibogaine treatment provides a subjectively powerful physiological, emotional, and psychological experience, attenuates opioid withdrawal, and results in a more optimistic outlook on self and life.

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