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posztkommunista Romániában [Representations of Traditional Music in Communist and Post-communist Romania] . In Könczei, Csilla: Táncelméleti írások–Writings in Dance Theory: 1987‒2004 , 87 –94. Kolozsvár / Cluj-Napoca: Editura Fundaţiei pentru Studii Europene

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Margo Hilbrecht, David Baxter, Max Abbott, Per Binde, Luke Clark, David C. Hodgins, Darrel Manitowabi, Lena Quilty, Jessika SpÅngberg, Rachel Volberg, Douglas Walker, and Robert J. Williams

rates of harmful gambling after populations have been exposed over time. Marketing and messaging explores advertising influences and media representations of gambling on perceptions of gambling, on the behavior of people with at-risk or problem

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through interventions. In addition to involvement in attentional processes, a ventral frontotemporal network has been implicated in processing representations of others and relational bondedness. The superior temporal sulcus has been linked to

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confidential, while the amicus brief was open. Another difference is that amici curiae do not file their representations at the discovery stage but present their briefs or make arguments orally before the court in session. The authors only

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among European states, representations of European integration, and the quality of democracy European societies are engaged to. Acknowledgements Research data on which this article is based partly arise from the project

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in other passages of the early version of the work. What is already missing from the second ending, the version published in 1925 and subsequently used in rehearsals and performance in 1926 and 1927, are the musical representations of single moments

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Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Authors: Beáta Tugya, Katalin Náfrádi, Sándor Gulyás, Tünde Törőcsik, Balázs Pál Sümegi, Péter Pomázi, and Pál Sümegi

. Iversen – K. Fægri : Textbook of Pollen Analysis . Scandinavian University Books , Copenhagen 1964 . – 2nd ed.. Irás 2013 = K. Írás : A Magyar Királyság első térképi megjelenése 14. századi portolán térképeken (First representations of Hungarian

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Social Change, Dress and Identity

Observations on the Disintegration of Peasant Culture as Exemplified by Rural Women’s Clothing in Hungary from the First World War to the End of the Kádár Era Socialism

Acta Ethnographica Hungarica
Author: Ágnes Fülemile

were being spent on prestige representations. Hungarian peasants laid particular emphasis on everything external that was visible and justifiable to the community. The quality of a horse-team and its harness were as much a matter of prestige and self

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Journal of Psychedelic Studies
Authors: Robert Beckstead, Bryce Blankenagel, Cody Noconi, and Michael Winkelman

humanity’s archaic consciousness since time immemorial. The earliest representations of Bufo toads (and toads generally) go back thousands of years. The appearance of toad-based artifacts is prehistoric were portrayed in ancient pictographs, paintings, and

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