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Preliminary Remarks This contribution is a summary of a report analyzing available empirical research literature about student dropout from universities. The study was commissioned by The Swiss Council for Educational Research

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, A. – Pellegrini , M. – Dabic , M. – Dana , L. P ( 2016 ): Internationalization of Firms from Central and Eastern Europe: A Systematic Literature Review . European Business Review 28 ( 6 ): 630 – 651

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( Alper et al., 2008 ), this study aimed to conduct a systematic literature review of human studies that investigated the antiaddictive effects of ibogaine or of its main active metabolite, noribogaine. Methods Data for this

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clinical practice, where we also face their parents who need guidance. Looking for effective forms of guidance, we wondered what can be learned from the television-era parental mediation practices. To find out, we conducted a systematic literature review

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Franziska Motka, Bettina Grüne, Pawel Sleczka, Barbara Braun, Jenny Cisneros Örnberg, and Ludwig Kraus

, recommended by the UK Economic and Social Research Council ( Popay et al., 2006 ). Search strategy A literature search was carried out between 18th and 25th of September 2017 in the following five electronic databases: PsycInfo

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Anglo-American and French, as well as German, Spanish and Hungarian variations to “Law and Literature” are surveyed for that as to the nature of the discipline some conclusions can be formulated. Accordingly, “Law and Literature” recalls that which is infinite in fallibility and which is not transparent in its simplicity, that is, the situation confronted that we may not avoid deciding about despite the fact that we may not get to a final understanding. What is said thereby is that “Law and Literature” is just a life-substitute. Like an artificial ersatz, it helps one to see out from what he/she cannot surpass. What it is all about is perhaps not simply bridging the gap between the law’s proposition and the case of law, with unavoidable tensions confronting the general and the individual, as well as the abstract and the concrete. Instead, it is more about live meditation, professional methodicalness stepped back in order to gain further perspectives and renewed reflection from a distance, so that the underlying reason for the legal (and especially judicial) profession can be recurrently rethought. In a fictional form, literature is the symbol and synonym of reflected life, a field where genuine human fates can be represented. Thereby, at the same time it is a substitute for theology, rooted in earthly existence as a supply to foster feeling kinds of, or substitutes to, transcendence.

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analysis of the obsolescence (Line 1993 ) or “durability” of knowledge (Tahai and Rigsby 1998 ). The analysis of the ageing of scientific production has been frequently addressed in bibliometric literature (Aversa 1985 ; Glänzel and Schoepflin 1995

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this comprehensive literature survey, we summarize recently investigated antibacterial and immune-modulatory effects of butyrate with a focus on its potential to serve as an antibiotic-independent strategy in the combat of bacterial infections. Methods

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to 90% [ 17 ]. To open novel avenues for fighting bacterial infections in an antibiotics-independent manner, we performed a comprehensive literature survey regarding the antibacterial potential of capsaicin and its derivatives and summarize recent

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Background and aims

Compulsive sexual behavior (CSB) is a common disorder featuring repetitive, intrusive and distressing sexual thoughts, urges and behaviors that negatively affect many aspects of an individual’s life. This article reviews the clinical characteristics of CSB, cognitive aspects of the behaviors, and treatment options.


We reviewed the literature regarding the clinical aspects of CSB and treatment approaches.


The literature review of the clinical aspects of CSB demonstrates that there is likely a substantial heterogeneity within the disorder. In addition, the treatment literature lacks sufficient evidence-based approaches to develop a clear treatment algorithm.


Although discussed in the psychological literature for years, CSB continues to defy easy categorization within mental health. Further research needs to be completed to understand where CSB falls within the psychiatric nosology.

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