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, veterinarians, hunters, meat processing and transport workers, butchers and cooks. According to literature data, skin injury in the presence of pig/pork contact was described in 20–25% of the published cases of S. suis infections [ 6 ]. S. suis may directly

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to the US military, less data on STIs in soldiers are available from other countries in the international scientific literature. In Brazilian soldiers, a confirmed syphilis rate of 1.1% [ 12 ] and an HIV rate of 0.1% [ 13 ] have recently been

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European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
Authors: Sara M. Van Bonn, Sebastian P. Schraven, Tobias Schuldt, Markus M. Heimesaat, Robert Mlynski, and Philipp C. Warnke

lakes (0.15–0.25%) as well as in the Baltic sea coast (0.8%), whereas the many regions of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea comprise areas with too high levels of salinity (3.5%) [ 32 ]. Table 1. Case reports from the literature of otitis caused by

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Authors: Luca Procaccini, Bruno Consorte, Daniela Gabrielli, Antonietta Cifaratti, and Massimo Caulo


Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) is an uncommon congenital condition, resulting in vascular malformations affecting capillary, venous, and lymphatic systems and bone and/or soft tissue hypertrophy. Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) may be useful in assessing the severity of the disease and for treatment planning. We present two cases of two white men with the typical clinical presentation of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome i.e. vascular malformations (capillary, venous and lymphatic) and localized bone and/or soft tissues hypertrophy. Splenic hemangiomas were evidenced in both patients and MRA was helpful in assessing and delineating the abnormal venous drainage system. KTS is a complex disorder whose true prevalence and etiology are still unknown. In most cases the emblematic clinical manifestation consisting in vascular malformations and extremity overgrowth is represented. KTS may be associated with several different conditions including scoliosis and splenic hemangiomas. The presence of the lateral marginal vein (LMV) is pathognomonic. Imaging is fundamental in confirming the diagnosis and for therapeutic strategies. An effective treatment does not exist to date and a multidisciplinary approach is usually required to prevent complications.

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In spite of the developments in microbiological methods, blood cultures remain the cornerstone for the diagnosis of bacteraemia. Classically, minimum of two bottles are collected on a routine basis: an aerobic bottle, allowing preferential growth of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms, and an anaerobic bottle, providing suitable environment for strict anaerobic bacteria. Recent reports have documented a decrease in anaerobic bacteraemias and have questioned the need for routine anaerobic blood cultures. Bacteraemia due to anaerobic organisms occurs in 0.5–12% of blood cultures worldwide; however, recent studies from Europe and the USA presented inconsistent data regarding the prevalence of anaerobic bacteraemias between 1993 and 2006.The aims of this retrospective survey were to determine the prevalence of bacteraemias due to anaerobic bacteria and evaluate the importance of anaerobic blood cultures in a university hospital in Szeged, Hungary. We examined the occurrence of bacteraemias due to anaerobic bacteria during a 5-year period, from January 2005 to 2009, in order to identify current trends of anaerobic bacteraemias in our university.

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There Is no Mercy

In memoriam Sándor Loss

Acta Juridica Hungarica
Author: István H. Szilágyi

Literature Bencze , M. and Badó , A. , ‘Reforming the Hungarian Lay Justice System’ in Cserne , P. et al . (eds), Theatrum Legale Mundi. Symbola Cs. Varga oblata

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Interventional Medicine and Applied Science
Authors: Ahmet Akça, Meriban Karadoğan, Demir Kürşat Yildiz, Funda Çorapçioğlu, and Yonca Anik

, Zuckerman T , Goralnik L , Ben-Arieh Y , Rowe JM , Yigla M : Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma presenting as an endobronchial tumor: report of eight cases and literature review . Am J Hematol 83 ( 5 ), 416 – 419 ( 2008 ) 7

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1 Introduction Extensive literature shows that both the level and composition of public expenditures and revenues have implications for economic development. There are two main strands of the literature. The discussion on the short-term impacts of

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liver, bones, and lungs [ 3 ]. This is one of the few cases reported in the literature with metastatic activity related to the contralateral kidney. The focus is on the clinical picture, diagnostic imaging, immunohistochemical characteristics

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Irodalom/References 1 Agbaw, Y. (2011) Reading Disability in Children’s Literature: Hans Christian Anderson’s Tales. Journal of Literacy & Cultural

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