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grammar . In Ágel et al. ( 2003 , 593 – 635 ). Heringer , Hans Jürgen. 1996 . Deutsche Syntax Dependentiell . Tübingen : Staufenberg . Heycock , Caroline and Anthony S. Kroch . 2002 . Topic, focus, and syntactic representations . In L

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Inside the Mind and Heart of Homo Aedificator

Towards Revealing the Psychological Meaning of Historic Buildings and Sites

Építés - Építészettudomány
Authors: Barbara Fogarasi and Andrea Dúll

: Építészhallgatók és térlaikus egyetemi hall-gatók mentális térképábrázolásainak összehasonlítása . [The First Scene of Sociophysical Independence: Comparison of Mental Map Representations of Architecture Students and Spatial Layperson University Students] Magyar

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Barbara Penolazzi, Fabio Del Missier, Davide Francesco Stramaccia, Anna Laura Monego, Luigi Castelli, Amalia Manzan, Marco Bertoli, and Giovanni Galfano

Introduction Inhibitory control is essential to an adaptive and flexible goal-directed behavior, which requires the ability to override the automatic activation of irrelevant or inappropriate representations and responses. The most investigated part

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“crown-bump” (umbo) or cranial protrusion that characterizes depictions of many Buddhas. Crowley examines the characteristics and representations of the “Crown-bump White parasol Lady” deity to show these reflect descriptions of Psilocybe species. This

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. (San Pedro), Banisteriopsis, Virola , and Nicotiana . Although the physical evidence is not always present, the representations in sculptures and textiles attest to their importance in culture and ritual. Torres notes that while widespread use

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strategy based on a semantic hierarchy of spatial representations ,” Robot. Autonom. Sys. , vol. 8 , no. 1–2 , pp. 47 – 63 , 1991 . 10.1016/0921-8890(91)90014-C [10] J. Guivant and E. Nebot , “ Optimization of the simultaneous localization and map

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inhalers, ceramic and lithic anthropomorphic effigies of “smokers” and “thinkers” Gold Darién pendants and other artifacts with mushroom-shaped representations, gold, ceramic, and jade poporo gourds for storing quicklime

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Introduction This essay presents a study of the presence of entheogenic mushroom representations in the sculptural iconography of some ancient temples of India, the Khajuraho Temples, and their sanctuaries. The essay proposes

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violation. Consequently, the vacancy, which results from the deletion of the leftmost matrix, would yield an opportunity for the root node of the contiguous coronal to spread from right to left in order to fill this vacancy, as shown in the representations

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repertorio de un narrador folklórico [ Narrative Representations of the Arts of Healing in the Repertoire of a Folk Narrator ]. Mitológicas XVI : 65 – 113 . Palleiro , María 2004 Fue una historia real. Itinerarios de un archive [ It Has Been a Real

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