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in the processing of proprioceptive stimuli, for example, with respect to its accuracy ( 13 ). A number of methods have been developed to measure various aspects of proprioceptive acuity or accuracy. Concerning the position of the joints, one

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Authors: Sabrina Oebel, Alexander Gotschy, Ingo Paetsch, Cosima Jahnke, Sven Plein, Rolf Gebker, Sandra Hamada, Michael Frick, Jochen von Spiczak, Malgorzata Polacin, Frank Enseleit, Nikolaus Marx, Thomas F. Lüscher, Frank Ruschitzka, Sebastian Kozerke, Hatem Alkadhi, and Robert Manka

studies showed a high sensitivity and diagnostic accuracy of CMR perfusion imaging in the setting of single- and multi-center investigations, which also included a direct comparison with single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) [ 5, 6 ]. Ongoing

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Fejes Tóth [] studied approximations of smooth surfaces in three-space by piecewise flat triangular meshes with a given number of vertices on the surface that are optimal with respect to Hausdorff distance. He proves that this Hausdorff distance decreases inversely proportional with the number of vertices of the approximating mesh if the surface is convex. He also claims that this Hausdorff distance is inversely proportional to the square of the number of vertices for a specific non-convex surface, namely a one-sheeted hyperboloid of revolution bounded by two congruent circles. We refute this claim, and show that the asymptotic behavior of the Hausdorff distance is linear, that is the same as for convex surfaces.

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IGD, enabling research into the clinical significance of each DSM-5 item and its relation to diagnostic accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. The diagnostic stability of IGD is uncertain due to a lack of longitudinal and cross

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Resolution and Discovery
Authors: György Zoltán Radnóczi, Zoltán Herceg, and Tamás Rafael Kiss

Introduction The evolution of materials science and device technology led to very accurate control of thin film growth and deposition rates. A need for direct measurement of film thicknesses and large distances is obvious, however, the accuracy of

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Acta Chromatographica
Authors: Feng Wu, Xiuli Zhao, Shumin Wang, Hui Zhou, Shaojie Guo, Siyang Ni, Bo Yang, Lihua Zhang, and Xinde Xu

9 replicates over 3 batches. The lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) was calculated as the minimum concentration at which lutein can be reliably quantified with a precision of ≤20% and accuracy within ±20%. The intra-batch precision and

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al., 2009 ). Finally, a comparison of overall classification accuracy and model fit were conducted in order to further examine the predictive validity of the SSBA relative to commonly used screening instruments developed by clinical researchers. For

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Commentary on: Are we overpathologizing everyday life? A tenable blueprint for behavioral addiction research

The diagnostic pitfalls of surveys: If you score positive on a test of addiction, you still have a good chance not to be addicted

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Aniko Maraz, Orsolya Király, and Zsolt Demetrovics

. , Reitsma , J. B. , Bruns , D. E, Gatsonis , C. A. , Glasziou , P. P. , Irwig , L. M. , Lijmer , J. G. , Moher , D. , Rennie , D. & de Vet , H. C. ( 2003 ). Towards complete and accurate reporting of studies of diagnostic accuracy: The

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samples for the evaluation of intra- and inter-batch precision and accuracy, matrix effect, and stability were 1.5, 30, and 750 ng/mL for remimazolam and 60, 1200, and 30,000 ng/mL for M1, respectively. IS working solutions (100 ng/mL for remimazolam and

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determine AC, PDM, and FCD was established. To improve accuracy and precision, the internal standard (IS) of dibutyl phthalate (DBP) (Figure 1 D) was added along with the determined samples. The resulting analytical method was applied to quantify the

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