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Cereal Research Communications
Authors: W.T. Xue, A. Gianinetti, R. Wang, Z.J. Zhan, J. Yan, Y. Jiang, T. Fahima, G. Zhao, and J.P. Cheng

Crop seeds are the main staples in human diet, especially in undeveloped countries. In any case, the diet needs to be rich not only in macro-nutrients like carbohydrates and protein, but also in micro-nutrients. Nevertheless, both the macro- and micro-nutrients presented in seeds largely vary in consequence of field and environment conditions. In this research, 60 lines of a barley RILs population segregating for the SSR marker Hvm74, which is genetically linked to the GPC (grain protein content) locus (HvNAM-1), were studied in 4 environments (two growing years and two field managements) by carrying out a comprehensive profile of seed macro- (starch, total nitrogen and total soluble protein) and micro-nutrients (phytate, phenolics, flavonoids, Pi, Zn and Fe). Under field conditions, all the components were largely affected by the environment, but TN (total nitrogen) exhibited high genotype contribution, while micro-nutrients displayed higher genotype × environments interactions (GEI) than macro-nutrients. In order to approach the effects of carbon-nitrogen (C–N) balance on other seed components, two C/N ratios were calculated: C/TN (CNR1) and C/TSP (CNR2). CNR2 exhibited stronger negative correlations with all micro-nutrients. Hence, the significant GEI and its negative relationships with CNR2 highlighted the different characters of micro-nutrients in barley seeds.

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. Shakyawar K , Joshi K , Kumar D : SSR repeat dynamics in mitochondrial genomes of five domestic animal species , Bioinformation 4 , 158 – 163 ( 2009 ) 22

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. Jensen , John T. 1987 . English stop allophones in metrical theory . In T. Gamkrelidze (ed.) Proceedings XIth ICPhs, volume 2 . Tallin : Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR . 153 – 156

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the corresponding change of Eqs. 15 – 16 : (18) (19) The set of values of rate constants calculated for the two chosen reaction models are shown in Table 3 . The value “opt” refers to the minimal value of SSR. The values of “min” and “max

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Biologia Futura
Authors: Zoltán Attila Köbölkuti, Klára Cseke, Attila Benke, Mátyás Báder, Attila Borovics, and Róbert Németh

. , Wu , R. ( 2013 ) Exploiting the transcriptome of euphrates poplar, Populus euphratica ( Salicaceae ) to develop and characterize new EST-SSR markers and construct an EST-SSR database . PloS one 8 , 1 – 11

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of the need to belong. Figure 1 . The proposed moderated mediation model. Note. SSR: student–student relationship; SE: self-esteem; NTB: the need to belong; SPA: smartphone

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Middle Volga ] . Moskva : Nauka . Andreev , Mihail 1953 Tadzhiki doliny Huf (verhovia Amu-Dari) [ Tajiks of the Huf Valley (upper Amu Darya) ]. Vyp. 1 . Stalinabad : AN Tadzhikskoi SSR . Anohin , Andrei 1924 Materialy po shamanstvu u

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