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Cereal Research Communications
Authors: W.T. Xue, A. Gianinetti, R. Wang, Z.J. Zhan, J. Yan, Y. Jiang, T. Fahima, G. Zhao, and J.P. Cheng

Crop seeds are the main staples in human diet, especially in undeveloped countries. In any case, the diet needs to be rich not only in macro-nutrients like carbohydrates and protein, but also in micro-nutrients. Nevertheless, both the macro- and micro-nutrients presented in seeds largely vary in consequence of field and environment conditions. In this research, 60 lines of a barley RILs population segregating for the SSR marker Hvm74, which is genetically linked to the GPC (grain protein content) locus (HvNAM-1), were studied in 4 environments (two growing years and two field managements) by carrying out a comprehensive profile of seed macro- (starch, total nitrogen and total soluble protein) and micro-nutrients (phytate, phenolics, flavonoids, Pi, Zn and Fe). Under field conditions, all the components were largely affected by the environment, but TN (total nitrogen) exhibited high genotype contribution, while micro-nutrients displayed higher genotype × environments interactions (GEI) than macro-nutrients. In order to approach the effects of carbon-nitrogen (C–N) balance on other seed components, two C/N ratios were calculated: C/TN (CNR1) and C/TSP (CNR2). CNR2 exhibited stronger negative correlations with all micro-nutrients. Hence, the significant GEI and its negative relationships with CNR2 highlighted the different characters of micro-nutrients in barley seeds.

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. Jensen , John T. 1987 . English stop allophones in metrical theory . In T. Gamkrelidze (ed.) Proceedings XIth ICPhs, volume 2 . Tallin : Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR . 153 – 156

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. Shakyawar K , Joshi K , Kumar D : SSR repeat dynamics in mitochondrial genomes of five domestic animal species , Bioinformation 4 , 158 – 163 ( 2009 ) 22

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the corresponding change of Eqs. 15 – 16 : (18) (19) The set of values of rate constants calculated for the two chosen reaction models are shown in Table 3 . The value “opt” refers to the minimal value of SSR. The values of “min” and “max

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Biologia Futura
Authors: Zoltán Attila Köbölkuti, Klára Cseke, Attila Benke, Mátyás Báder, Attila Borovics, and Róbert Németh

. , Wu , R. ( 2013 ) Exploiting the transcriptome of euphrates poplar, Populus euphratica ( Salicaceae ) to develop and characterize new EST-SSR markers and construct an EST-SSR database . PloS one 8 , 1 – 11

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, together with the Councils of Ministers of the Soviet Socialist Republics (SSRs) of Belarus and Ukraine, appealed to foreign governments, to international organizations and to worldwide public opinion for extensive international cooperation. On July 6, the

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of the need to belong. Figure 1 . The proposed moderated mediation model. Note. SSR: student–student relationship; SE: self-esteem; NTB: the need to belong; SPA: smartphone

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ISG sample. References [1] IAEA SSR-5 2011 , Disposal of Radioactive Waste, Specific Safety Requirements . International Atomic

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Middle Volga ] . Moskva : Nauka . Andreev , Mihail 1953 Tadzhiki doliny Huf (verhovia Amu-Dari) [ Tajiks of the Huf Valley (upper Amu Darya) ]. Vyp. 1 . Stalinabad : AN Tadzhikskoi SSR . Anohin , Andrei 1924 Materialy po shamanstvu u

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